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Let’s Help out 

Domestic violence well there is a lot to be said here Yes I am a Survivor but I try to change what has happened to me into a positive I know I know you must think I am crazy to think that but hear me out ! I would like to educate women especially younger women and hear there story’s lets give them  a way out because every women who has been through this knows each and everyone of us has a story to help out Think about it …………. somewhere anywhere in this world you bet your butt someone is going through a similar story to yours right? It may not be the exact same but pretty freakin close. So why not share , talk , write about it it might give some women the courage to leave the abuser by telling your story what has happened and how you found the warrior inside of you to put your life back on track to find your self again and put  a stop to domestic   abuse. Even if you know of great resources please share your information …. someone out there might just use it .


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