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Did  you know in the last 10 years domestic violence has escalated here in Canada? it’s so sickening to read that in the last 10 year we have more women who are being killed by their partner than the men and women serving in Afghanistan.  My jaw hit the floor what is wrong with this picture people ? This is Canada 🇨🇦 I think we need the laws to change.. We need Laws that protect us not sweep stuff under the rug or put bandaids on such sensitive stuff like this Mr. Justin T this needs to be addressed before more innocent lives are  taken  from domestic abuse. The saddest part about this is that the men and women in Afghanistan have the training to fight in combat but the ones who get brutally beaten and rapped by their partner have no training they don’t have the skills/ knowledge to help them defend their self.. they  have Nothing  the only thing that they might have is a prayer to God to let them live. 

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