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My story with domestic abuse

14 years I  stayed with my abusers I was a young mom trying to keep my family together there was a ton of red flags but I chose to ignore them in hopes that I could change him because I truly loved him well always thought I did … I put up with a lot from him throwing his wedding ring at me telling me that I was a stupid bitch … to putting his hands around my neck it was my 12 year old daughter who helped me take his hands from my neck it was horrible. That night I wrote this 

I lay here trying to find away to forgive you, but I simply can’t I ask my self what would our 3 daughter think of me ? That it’s okay to hit a women ? Or put your hands around my neck while your daughter screaming at you to leave me alone don’t hurt my mom …. what will our son think ? Or will he one day grow into the person who you are and do the same thing you did to my family.

It didn’t take me long to get out of my house and into what we like to call it our safe haven my mom and dads house. I know that I had enough of him and all I could think of is my children seeing all this than they are going to think it’s normal when really it was damaging to them. I knew I had to do something to keep us safe I went down to the court house with one of my good friend only to be turned away because they had no time to see me I was told to go down to the criminal courts and get my EPO ( emergency protection order) I was shocked I had so many emotions. Canadian justice system has let me down how could they turn away someone who was in danger that was going through my mind . So it was time for plan B. I guess you would say I was one of the lucky one I had money in my bank to go out of find our own safe haven somewhere he didn’t know where we lived so I took the first suitable place for us and with in a week I was moved. 2 days after I moved I went back down to the court house and gotten my EPO I know it’s just a piece of paper but it made us feel safe and that’s all I wanted my children to feel is safe.